Go From idea to first Sale In 90 Days or Less, Guaranteed.

Why hello there,
shiny new stream
of revenue.

Nice to meet you,
especially during this fugly pandemic.

the best use of our time right now is 1) to get excited about new beginnings 2) turn on another tap and let the money come out (diversify is the fancy word).

the Start to Sold Framework
is not a course, it's daily mentorship. 

Make New Cash,
And Have Fun Doing It. 

Think of this like a personal trainer who motivates you to show up, and tells you exactly what to do next, so you don't wander off to the store and eat a bag of chips instead of working out.

This is daily mentorship with me giving you guidance, not some pre-recorded videos that were filmed two years ago.

You don't need that in your life right now. You need the straightest path, someone to ask questions to, a thought partner and a cheerleader.

 Get that business idea from your head to your bank account.

Some dumbass
Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Dusty, Pre-Recorded Videos

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You: Overwhelmed & indecisive

the Start to Sold Framework Is Not:

Created by Milinda Coureyfrom the Noun Project

1:1 Mentoring & Coaching

Direct coaching has always given the biggest ROI in my own companies.

The start to sold Framework

A daily action plan so you know what you're doing next. 

Your Idea

That's yours, I'll find the money in it, or get you to re-think it.

My Marketing Prowess

I'm a copy star and a guerrilla marketer. Use that.

90 Days

Get early traction on your idea, don't drag this on. We can get it done in 90 days, together. 

the Start to Sold Framework Is:

Go from
zero business,
zero traction,
zero customers
to your first payday in under 90 days.

No big budget, fancy business plan or previous knowledge needed. Just a desire to learn, be curious and take small actions each day. 

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I've built a company before, from the comfort of my own laptop and pajamas. With my kid on my lap, and a green tea at my fingertips.

And I didnt have any fancy business degrees. No startup capital. No investors or no loans or debt.

Actually I was waiting tables on the night shift while I built my fledgling first company (a travel company) while I mothered during the daytime.

I will NEVER forget my first $200 bucks I made online -- from something that I could do in my sleep, that was easy for me, and that was not some scammy, weird Youtube “Millionaire” hack.


What I teach is not based on any get rich quick scheme, MLM, affiliate marketing, latest Amazon loopholes or anything trendy. 

This is an age-old business model. It’s you, positioning your product or service to the marketplace, paired with guerilla marketing and consistency. You can do it from home with a laptop, in your pj’s.

I’m going to get you the straightest path from zero to one, with the least friction and the most support possible. Sound groovy?

I’ve been there,
done that.

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I’m going to get you the straightest path from zero to one, with the least friction possible.

You can do it from home with a laptop, in your pj’s.

I’m going to make it as basic as possible.

I’m going to scale back all the fluff, all the overwhelm.

This is not some “course” -- I don't believe in courses teaching beginners business fundamentals.

You'll move through my Start to Sold Framework, and you'll make daily moves with me by your side. Every step of the way. 

First dollar online, I see you. 

Let's do this thing.

I believe if you show up, do the work, and follow my guidance, you'll get results. Actually I'm so confident that you'll gain clarity on your side-hustle and have a clear product or service within 90 days,

I'll refund your investment if you don't. 

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Mentorship and 1:1 Coaching

People who have been in business under 3 years need:

Hand Holding

Exact Next Steps

Daily Momentum


Your issue is taking small consistent actions towards creating your new revenue stream without wasting precious time, money and energy.

We're talking about making our first transaction, even $100 dollars, from the magic of our idea and never even having to put on a bra or leave the house.

what you don't need

Accountability + Mentorship

This is NOT a program about scaling, hiring team, creating systems. You do that AFTER you have traction. Build first, optimize after. 

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The Start and Sold Method will:

Get your ideas out of your head, then...

Are strategized by me, a proven entrepreneur, then...

Are tested in the marketplace, then...

Are sold to real customers, then...

You collect your first dollars online, then...

You rinse and repeat what works, then...

You tweak what bombs, then...

You gain invaluable feedback, collect testimonials, then...

Re-launch your new and improved offer, then...

Own a proven framework to launch and test subsequent ideas for new streams of income.

This above framework is based on time tested models of companies large and small. These are fundamentals. 

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It's never too late



your dreams

or reignite your