Ciao, I'm Bianca.

I help “ideas people” create more autonomy, wealth and fun in their lives.

Bring me your business or new idea.

I’ll help you create results in under 90 days, guaranteed. 

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I help first-time business owners build businesses that help people. 

I've been down the lonely path of building something, too. Now I help others via coaching & curating communities we can all thrive in.  

One is the loneliest number in business.

The biggest levers I used to grow myself and my revenues were:

1. Mentors & coaches
2. Strategic alliances

We don't do great things alone. Have people by your side who:

1. Sees the opportunities you’re blind to.
2. Battle your limiting beliefs & imposter chatter.
3. Feed you "right thing right time" strategic advice.
4. Pick you up when you fall.
5. Send you higher when you’re winning.
6. Zips you intros to essential people and partners.

I'm from the school of hard knocks and hustle, but also hold a BFA. A growth-minded entrepreneur, I bootstrapped my first company with 80 bucks and a library copy of Learn Wordpress Visually during my daughters' naptimes. I've grown the team, revenue, product and profits while maintaining a fulfilling family life and spending my summers in Italy. A full-owner of two bootstrapped privately held companies and a mini-real estate portfolio; I'm resilient, creative and driven AF.

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"You’re so incredible at what you do! I always leave these calls full of energy and knowing what I’m doing next."

- Kendra Baron, Current Client

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